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Powder coating / Spraying


For the last 10 years, CMP AUTOMATION has been the leader in the design and manufacturing of spray booths for dial makers.

Typically, these operations were performed manually and were associated with the following problems:

- Inconsistent spray application

- Variations in reproducibility from one production to another

- The operator is subjected to environmental and safety constraints in the workplace.

- High risk of contaminating the product and a high reject rate. Our booths are designed to eliminate these drawbacks…


Instructional videos

Weapon Change
Laminar flow
Cycle Dial White
Charger output
Loading Cabin
Setting Machine
On some models, loading and unloading is fully automated, both saving time and boosting productivity.
The machine has a clean room environment (ISO 6) even when used in an untreated room.
Movements are automated ensuring high levels of accuracy and repeatability.
A recipe is saved for the treatment of each product reference, improving the changeover time.
The operator no longer enters the booth, thereby minimising both toxicity and the contamination of parts.
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Our booths can be used to apply lacquer, varnish or zapon to a variety of parts such as: watch dials, cigarette lighters, pens, dashboard components and flat or shaped parts, and in numerous industrial sectors thanks to the great adaptability of our systems and our expertise in analysing specific requirements.


Based in Chêne-Bourg on the outskirts of Geneva, CMP AUTOMATION has been present in Switzerland since 2007. CMP AUTOMATION designs and manufactures automated systems


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