Laser is a manufacturing process that makes it possible to make precision welds and engravings. This technique allows us to obtain several material effects such as satin (give a lustrous appearance) or sandblasting (give a raw appearance).

In this process, the laser beam present on the machine heats the object at high temperature. Depending on the duration of exposure, the colour changes, which allows these material effects to be achieved.


The engraving is therefore:

- permanent

- very resistant to abrasion



Two types of emissions

During a continuous emission, the laser oscillator emits a continuous beam. Its power is therefore constant.

During an impulse emission, the laser source is cut in time into single or repetitive pulses in order to increase their intensity. This technique makes it possible to accentuate certain places.


Welding is a technique for assembling several metal parts using a laser. Indeed, the high temperature of the beam will cause a fusion between the objects to be welded.
Engraving allows you to create images visible to the naked eye. Thanks to a laser beam, the surface of the material will melt and create a hollow. This process will therefore cause an impression directly on the object.

CMP Automation guarantees precision welding and engraving thanks to directly integrated laser sources. They also have vision control to allow you to view the result safely.


Based in Chêne-Bourg on the outskirts of Geneva, CMP AUTOMATION has been present in Switzerland since 2007. CMP AUTOMATION designs and manufactures automated systems


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